Hutchison Ports Basra offers the most direct access from the UAE to the commercial centre of Basra. Total transit time from Jebel Ali takes just 5-6 days. Other advantages include:


  • Convenient location in the centre of Basra, within easy trucking distance from all points in the city and within one day s travel to the ports of Umm Qasr and the Kuwaiti port of Al Shuwaik

  • A wide range of handling and logistics services for container, general, break bulk and refrigerated cargo

  • Close proximity to southern Iraq's oilfields and petrochemical production base

  • Efficient and transparent customs clearance processes, with most cargo achieving clearance within 36 hours

  • State of the art mobile harbour cranes, reachstackers and other equipment

  • High standards of safety and security, ensuring maximum protection for cargo

  • Skilled and professional labour force